Pressure Assist Toilet: What it is, Problems, Pros & the Best Review

Besides the normal gravity-fed toilets, most homeowners have now appreciated the need to install pressure-assisted toilets. Pressure-assist toilets usually have a tank inside of another tank such that when pressure is created in-between the tanks, the aftermath is a powerful flush that leaves your toilet cleaner than before.

These toilets have proved to be very effective in the recent past and this is the reason they are a common feature in most homes. Inhere, find out what exactly a pressure-assisted toilet is, how it works, pros and cons, some of the best models, and finally the frequently asked questions about these bathroom units.

What is a Pressure-assist Toilet?

This is a toilet that has an additional tank inside the main tank. As a result, a large amount of air pressure is normally created between these two tanks. When this toilet is flushed, the compressed air in the air chamber is usually released. With the pressure joining the force of gravity, the downward flush is typically explosive and can thereby make your toilet bowl cleaner than ever.

For this reason, you are likely to find this toilet in commercial settings such as in restaurants, hotels, and so forth. However, these toilets have started becoming very common in residential bathrooms.

How does a Pressure-assist Toilet Work?

Once you open this toilet, you will see a black air bladder instead of the conventional pump that you would expect to find in a normal toilet. As its name indicates, this air bladder usually contains air. However, it also fills with water, and when this happens, the air insides get compressed.

Once you flush the toilet, the pressure created will expel the water with massive force. The aftermath of this is a greater flushing power, as mentioned earlier. In the end, a fill valve such as the one found in a standard gravity-flush toilet opens. This allows water to refill the pressure tank, and the cycle gets repeated. The good news is that this toilet usually has a pretty simple mechanism compared to other toilets.

Pressure-assisted Toilet Problems/Cons

Although this toilet has some advantages, it comes with its own share of problems. Here are some cons of this toilet:

1. Noise

Although these toilets are more efficient compared to gravity-flow toilets, they tend to be noisy when one flushes them. Some homeowners are not comfortable with this noise, especially if you normally like enjoying some peace of mind at home.

2. Availability of parts

The inner workings of this kind of toilet are not the same compared to the gravity-flow toilet. If any of these parts gets faulty, you might not get them in your nearest hardware store. Therefore, if you want to replace or repair these parts, you might have a difficult time.

3. Price

If you want to install this toilet in your home, you need to set a budget for this undertaking. This is because this toilet tends to be more costly than regular gravity-flow toilets. For instance, a standard toilet can cost between $120 to $300.However, if you want to buy a pressure-assist toilet, you might have to part with as much as $700.

Apart from these problems, a pressure-assisted toilet has to be pushed with more force compared to conventional toilets. If you have a young child or a person who is strength-impaired, he or she might not be able to operate.

Pros of a Pressure-assisted Toilet

This toilet comes with several advantages. These include:

1. Efficiency

We all want to have a toilet that consumes less amount of water per flush. The good news is that this toilet is more efficient when it comes to water consumption.

All this is made possible due to their forceful flush. You can expect to use 1.1 to 1.2 gallons of water per flush. This is actually less than the typical 1.6 gallons of water a conventional toilet uses per flush.

Also, since you do not have to flush again and again to get rid of smudges on the walls of your toilet walls, you can trust that this toilet will help reduce water consumption in your home.

In fact, you will not have to clean your toilet as many times as you would if you had installed a conventional toilet in your home. This makes it ideal for commercial premises.

2. Lower maintenance

Since the toilet contains fewer moving parts, you can trust that this unit is less likely to break down. Therefore, it might not require a lot of maintenance in the long run.

3. It is better at flushing huge amounts of solid waste

If you have installed this toilet, you can be sure that you will have an easy time flushing down the solid waste in your toilet bowl. This is because this toilet uses higher pressure than conventional toilets.

4. Clogs less

Due to the forceful flushing, you will not have to worry about clogging. This is because this toilet can push any solid waste father into the plumbing system, way past the sticking points in the sewage line.

5. No condensation/no sweating

Since these toilets are not impacted by humid weather, these toilets are liked by many homeowners. The tank-in-tank design reduces any form of sweat or condensation. This goes a long way in reducing humidity in your bathroom.

6. Cleaner toilet

The strong flow of water helps to wipe off any dirt and smudges on the walls of the bowl. The toilet bowl design keeps a higher water level, which also helps the toilet to remain clean.

Best Pressure-assit Toilets Brands & Models

The following are some of the best brands that you can get from the market.

1. Kohler’s Highline Classic (K-3493-0) ―Best Classic Model

Kohler Highline Pressure assist toilet
Kohler Highline

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This is one of the top-rated models in the pressure-assisted category. It is actually part of the brand’s Pressure Lite series. The good news is that this toilet comes with many high-functioning features such as the pressure-assisted flushing mechanism, scratch-proof glaze, comfort height, and so on. With these features in place, you can trust that you will enjoy the overall toilet experience in your home.

The performance of Kohler’s Highline Classic goes beyond most pressure-inclined flushes due to its powerful force. As a result, you can trust that it will clear away the trapways in a single go. What is interesting about this model is that the flush can regulate water during this time. Therefore, you will end up using only 1.6 gallons per flush.

When it comes to installation, this toilet is easy to install in your home. Also, you can install this toilet in a small bathroom, and you will be good to go.

2. Toto Neorest―High-End Pressure-Assisted Toilet 

Toto Neorest
Toto Neorest

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This model takes the lead when it comes to futuristic flushing. It comes with several features that can mesmerize you. To start with, it comes with a sleek and compact design. This makes it ideal for a small bathroom space. Also, this toilet has glossy exteriors, which make it more stylish for any contemporary household.

Apart from this, the toilet comes with a bidet, heated seat, comfort height, among other high-tech features. The aerated bidet spray and the antibacterial glaze make the toilet safer and more hygienic. As a result, this model is better than its peers. Since the pressure-assisted flushing of this toilet is integrated with an automatic mode, you can trust that you will have an easy time when using it.

The comfort height makes it easy for the senior members of the family to use it. Also, the elongated bowl and the anti-slamming closing lid ensure that you will have an enjoyable experience when using this unit. Since this toilet is water sensitive, you can trust that you will not use more water whenever you are flushing it.

3 American Standard Cadet(2462.016.020)-Best Budget Toilet  

American Standard Cadet

Check current price and reviews

This two-piece toilet is usually very easy to maintain. Also, it is user-friendly and efficient compared to its counterparts. Its attractive design makes it admirable compared to other toilet models.

This unit comes with a pressurized flushing system that makes it very efficient from the word go. When using this unit, you can expect to get rid of waste within a single flush. Also, this model is WaterSense certified. This makes it more effective compared to its counterparts. Here, you can expect to use 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

Since it comes with a comfort-height seat, elderly people can easily get on and off the toilet with ease. Its elongated-shaped design allows you to have some extra space for your legs. As a result, you are assured of an awesome experience when using this unit.

Finally, the unit comes with an EverClean coating that protects it from mildew, bacteria, and even molds. Since this model has antibacterial characteristics and a non-stick surface, you will have an easy time cleaning it.

4. Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet-Best Single Flushing System

Niagra Singles Flush

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This model comes with a standard design but has all the features of a modern toilet. To start with, it comes with Niagara’s trademark Stealth technology, which enhances its performance. Apart from this, the toilet comes with a flapless valve, air vacuum tube, and silent flushing system. This makes this toilet to be more efficient.

 Also, since it has some noise-canceling characteristics, you can be sure that this toilet will be quieter than its counterparts. The unit is water-efficient as it only utilizes only 0.8 gallons of water per flush. In the end, you will have a clean bowl and, at the same time, conserve more water.

In addition, the toilet is user-friendly. Other features that make it stand out are the smart height and an elongated bowl. Therefore, people with mobility issues can still utilize the toilet with minimal or no hassle at all. Finally, the toilet comes with a vitreous china coating that helps protect it from spills and scratches. This makes the model a good investment for your bathroom.

Pressure Assist Toilet Retrofit

Can you convert a regular toilet to a pressure-assist? It is not possible to mold the pressure-assist technology with the current gravity toilet.

To start with, the two technologies use different designs. In the gravity-fed model, the passageways from the tank to the bowl and the bowl’s rim holes are designed to transport water from the tank.

For the pressure-assist model, the bowl is designed to accept water that is forced down with great pressure. Apart from the design of the bowls, the tanks of these toilets are designed for different components. As a result, they are not interchangeable.

Are Pressure-assist Toilets Dangerous?

Pressure assist toilets are not always safe. They have a history of exploding. However, when properly installed and used in the right way, they pose no danger.

Since the tanks of these toilets contain a lot of pressure after flushing, there have been reports of exploding. Some consider these units ticking time bombs. The explosion may not only injure you but can also cause property damages.

At the same time, they cannot provide an effective flush if your water supply system is weak. If the water is not enough, your toilet won’t flush properly leading to clogs and messes that won’t be easy to clean.

Pressure-assist Toilet vs Gravity-Are Pressure-assist Toilets Better?

Yes. These toilets are better than the gravity-fed models as they are exceptionally strong. Also, the pressure-assisted models flush waste using less amount of water. As a result, you can conserve more water in the long run.

In addition, your toilet bowl will remain cleaner for longer. Therefore you will not have to buy different cleaners for your toilet, for it to remain clean. This goes a long way in reducing the time spend when cleaning the toilet.

Following is a table highlighting the differences between a pressure-assisted and gravity-fed toilets

Feature Pressure-assistedGravity-fed
Flush PowerStrong flushing powerWeak
UseIdeal for commercial premises  Ideal for home use
PriceMore expensiveCheaper
Water UsageUses less waterUses more water
Repair/MaintenanceRequires some expertiseEasy
Availability of partsNot easily availableAvailable
SweatingNo sweatSweats
Working MechanismUtilizes pressure, water and gravityUtilizes water and gravity

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