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Toiletseek is your one-stop destination for all things toilets, showers and other bathroom fixtures!

Our mission is to make bathroom cleaning, repair, remodeling and upgrading fun, approachable, and dare we say it…downright thrilling! We believe your bathroom should be the crown jewel of relaxation and rejuvenation in your home.

About Toiletseek

Who are we?

We are a team of home improvement fanatics who are passionate about revolutionizing your home’s bathroom experience.

Bob Horskins: Founder

Bob’s enthusiasm for all things bathroom renovation began as a child while assisting his plumber father on weekend jobs. He fondly recalls “helping” by passing tools, observing leaky sink repairs, and testing flushed toilets with great fervor.

By high school, Bob spent his summers apprenticing with his dad, learning all the insider tricks of the trade. He quickly gained a reputation around town as the best in the biz for unclogging toilets and upgrading showers.

Founder: Bob Horskins

After college, Bob made his passion official by launching his own successful plumbing and bathroom remodeling company – specializing in the latest toilet tech and spa-worthy shower installations.

But Bob didn’t stop there. In 2019, he founded Toiletseek to share his unmatched experience and contagious excitement for bathroom upgrades with DIYers nationwide.

Bob personally tests out each new toilet, rainfall showerhead, and touchscreen bath fixture he recommends. His hands-on expertise combined with his vivacious personality makes Bob the ultimate guide for all your bathroom goals.

When he’s not writing advice columns or creating YouTube demo videos on the most luxurious new bathtub features, you’ll find Bob renovating his own bathroom again…for the 5th time! Though his wife questions the need to install yet another talking smart toilet, his enthusiasm cannot be contained.

Ndesho Thomas – Author& Editor

Ndesho has been a bit * flushed * with enthusiasm for all things bathrooms since childhood. While other kids played sports, he was reading up on the history of the modern flush toilet and memorizing toilet manufacturers.

Ndesho Thomas
Ndesho at work!

As a teen, Ndesho spent weekends helping out at the local plumbing supply store (he was by far their most eager employee). After school, you could find him hanging out in home improvement stores testing out the latest toilets and faucets.

Thomas’s house is now home to his prized collection of high-tech toilets, quirky bidets, and vintage plumbing relics. He always jumps at the chance to install or repair bathrooms too. Because to him, there’s nothing more satisfying than a finely tuned fixture functioning at peak performance!

When he’s not tinkering in his own home laboratory…errr…bathroom, Ndesho shares his unmatched passion and experience through articles and YouTube videos. His outgoing personality alongside technical know-how helps homeowners install, upgrade, and maintain their dream bathrooms with fun and confidence!

Ndesho looks forward to continuing his life’s mission of advancing bathroom technology and helping fellow enthusiasts experience the most comfortable, innovative facilities modern plumbing has to offer. Just be sure to give him a wide berth should you see him in public restrooms analyzing the toilets and taking notes. He means well we promise!

 Ava Lohan: Contributing Author

Ava Lohan turned her lifelong passion for showers into a calling. Since her first thrilling experience with a rainfall showerhead as a teen, she’s made it her mission to help others attain shower nirvana.

Ava Lohan

Ava spent years testing every bath fixture imaginable, turning her home into a shower spa lab. She now draws from her vast hands-on knowledge as an author and YouTube star.

With an infectious enthusiasm, Ava not only guides both DIYers and pros through choosing dream systems – from steam showers with mood lighting to the perfect water pressure. She’s also a virtuoso at remodeling, pairing complementary tiles, and accessories for the ultimate hydrotherapy.

Armed with Ava’s inspiring ideas and technical insights, you’re sure to transform your daily routine into a rejuvenating escape. Let Ava be your shower shaman today!

What to Expect from Us?

Whether you’re looking to do a complete bathroom renovation or just spruce things up with a new high-tech toilet, rainfall showerhead, or bliss-inducing bidet, we’ve got you covered. Here’s just a taste of our commode wisdom:

  • Revive your bathroom’s sparkle and shine with our comprehensive cleaning guides and tips!
  • Get the lowdown on the most luxurious, innovative toilets and futuristic features that will wow your guests. Never struggle with clogs again!
  • Find insider tips on selecting the perfect shower system, from dreamy steam showers to showerheads with more settings than your fancy coffee maker.
  • Learn how seemingly small upgrades like new shower doors, vanities, lighting and mirrors can completely transform your space.
  • Get motivated to finally tackle that bathroom remodel with our step-by-step DIY guides, video tutorials, and project inspiration.

Join our community of fellow bathroom decor devotees and let’s chat toilets, tubs, showerheads, sinks, tiles, taps…and of course, bidets!

Our collection of ideas can for sure make your bathroom the talk of the town (or at least the talk of your guests).

How to Get in Touch with us

We love to connect with our readers. If you are looking to contact us, use our contact page. You can also ask questions and share your suggestions by commenting on the specific article you’re reading on the website.

Here’s our full address and contacts:

Email: info@toiletseek.com

Main Phone: +1-985-333-3129

You can also find us on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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