How to Convert a Toilet to Dual Flush+Best Conversion Kits

Converting a single flush toilet to a modern eco-friendly dual flush one is a simple DIY task that you can do all by yourself in a few minutes by following a few steps.

All you need is a perfect dual flush conversion kit and the know-how on how to do it as you will learn hereby and you’re all ready to go.

Before you begin the conversion replacement procedure you should take a few measurements from the existing toilet tank so as to get the perfect kit compatible with your tank. These measurements are the tank height and the diameter of the flush valve

Single flush toilet systems come in several models and design both which can affect the dictate compatibility and make the installation processes vary a little although the basics still remain the same.

Once you’ve decided which dual-flush conversion kit is right for you, purchase it and get it ready. It is important that you make sure the kit comes with an installation manual as it will help you as per the model.


Below is a generalized procedure for the conversion of a single flush system to dual flush system:

  1. To start off, first, turn off the water supply valve behind the toilet to prevent further inflow of water into the tank.
  1.  Flush the toilet a few times to remove as much water as you can from the tank then take off the toilet lid and place it aside.
  1. Next, disconnect the existing flush mechanism, take them off and place them aside. Basically in most toiles, they are the flapper valve, chain and flush handle.
  1. Disconnect the fill tube from the overflow tube and slide in the new dual flush unit. A new flush tower mechanism will be included in your conversion kit, which will fit right over your existing overflow tube. A rubber washer and zip tie are typically provided to secure the mechanism, ensuring that the new flush unit is properly seated over the flush valve.
  1. Remove the existing flush lever from the toilet tank and install the new dual-flush flush lever or button mechanism through the hole where your flush handle used to be. To do this, disassemble the new push button or lever actuator and fasten it to the toilet tank then reconnect the dual-flush mechanism to the back of the actuator.
  1.  Use the plastic nut on the opposite site to hold it in place. Tighten it with your hand, don’t use a wrench or you’ll risk cracking the tank.
  1. Next, connect the flush cable from the dual-flush tower to the back of the dual button unit as required. Tighten the cable tie to secure the new flush valve to the overflow tube and finally reattach the refill tube to the overflow tube.
  1. In some cases, the old fill valve or refill system comes out incompatible with the new dual flush system and poses an efficiency problem. To counter this, most dual flush conversion kits come with a suitable new fill valve. Remove the old fill valve by loosening the nut located on the underside of the toilet tank and install the new one as per the instructions then make the necessary adjustments
  1. Turn on the water supply to the tank and test flush first using  the low volume flush then the high volume flush and check the water level. If necessary, adjust the new fill valve for optimum performance

Most dual flush systems come with instructions that will show you how to make the necessary adjustments to maximize your water savings.

Best Dual Flush Conversion Kits

There are many models and designs of dual flush conversion kits all that serve the same purpose but in different ways. They differ from one manufacturing company thus coming in different designs and some having different or Extra features.

Below is a review of some of the best dual flush toilet conversion kits you can come across on the market:

Danco HYR460 Conversion Kit

The HYR460 dual flush conversion kit is one of its finest creations that requires no plumbing knowledge or tools to install. It is a flapper-less conversion kit that you can put together in about 5-10 minutes.

It aids in the conversion of your toilet to an energy-saving model while preventing all of the typical leakage issues. The smart and innovative detectors will alert you to any potential leakage, ensuring that you never have to deal with toilet mishaps or toilet flappers.

Danco push button handle dual flush conversion kit
Danco HYR460-Push Button Handle

Check current price and reviews

The HYR460 combines two products that improve the efficiency of your toilet while saving water and money. No more leaking flappers, tangled chains, or jiggling handles.

The Total Repair Dual Flush Valve quickly and easily converts a standard toilet into a dual flush toilet with two buttons.

The Quick Flush setting uses significantly less water volume for liquids and paper – the setting required 4 out of 5 times.

The second Full Flush button flushes solids with the standard amount of water. The HYR460 is designed for drop-in installation and can be installed without the use of tools or the removal of the tank.

The Total Repair Kit can be calibrated to adjust the precise amount of water required, detects leaks, and cleans the tank with jets.


  • Quick and simple installation – The conversion kit Installation is easy and only takes about 5 to 10 minutes and does not require the removal of the tank.
  • Compatibility – the kit is with standard 2′′–2′′ flush valves, with a minimum clearance of 10 inches between the highest point of the flush valve opening and the inside of the tank lid. It does not work with Mansfield toilets though.
  • Calibration – By adjusting the exact amount of water required, the Total Repair Kit can be calibrated to save water.
  • Efficiency – Combines two products that will improve your toilet’s efficiency: HydroClean® Fill Valve HC660 and Dual Flush Valve HYR270
  • Leak detection – Detects leaks and notifies you when one is discovered. The system fixes common toilet leaks caused by a worn-out flapper, handle, or faulty flapper chain.
  • Chemical resistance – Permafit’s silicone seal is chemically resistant and will not warp.
  • Height Adjustability – The valve height in the tank can be adjusted from 9″ to 14″.
  • Certification – The product is certified by the IAPMO
  • Dual-flush handle – One button activates the Quick Flush setting, which uses significantly less water for liquids and paper . The second Full Flush button flushes solids with regular water.


  • Needs further adjustment in the half flush setting
  • Compatible with side handles only thus doesn’t work with Mansfield toilets
  • Only works on toilet models with tanks over 10 inches long


 If you want a dual flush toilet repair kit with optimum efficiency gains and no-tool installation, the Danco HYR460 is the best deal for you; and it’s also within your budget!

Furthermore, it lasts longer if proper maintenance and installation procedures are followed. Just don’t get rid of your old system if it doesn’t work well with your toilet.

If you prefer lever handle to a push button, you can try the Danco HYR451T HyrdroRight Universal Kit

Danco-Dual flush kit with lever handle
Danco HYR451T

Fluidmaster 550DFRK – 3 kit

Fluidmaster has remained one of the world’s leading toilet repair brands since 1957, with parts found in more toilets than any other brand.

The Fluidmaster 550DFRK Duo Flush System is a tool that can help you use less water and save money converting your single flush toilet to a dual flush closet

Fluidmaster dual flush conversion kit
Fluidmaster 550DFRK

Check current price and reviews

This Dual Flush System is designed to retrofit into any 2-inch flapper toilet and uses up to 45 percent less water than the original tank parts. Suitable for models with 1.6 GPF and higher 3.5+ gallons per flush.


Below are some or the outstanding features and pros of this kit:

  • The conversion kit, which is a complete fill and dual flush conversion system, includes a PerforMAX fill valve. The water-saving roller clamp on the PerforMAX toilet fill valve regulates bowl levels and provides 2X faster refill rates with ultra-quiet fill. The dual flush valve can be installed in minutes and does not require the removal of your old flush valve.
  • The kit is adjustable for both full and half flush, while the PerforMAX valve controls water flow and improves overall performance. You can tweak a wide range of system preferences without removing the valve.
  • The conversion kit comes with a 5-year warranty, and you can always contact your warranty provider if the system or sr parts develop structural flaws or malfunctions. Alternatively, if a covered appliance or system fails. The warranty provider can then contact a third party to arrange for an inspection and repair appointment.
  • The kit retrofits any existing 2″ flush valve toilet and features an easy-to-install snap-on swivel mount design. It works best with toilets that use 1.6 gallons per flush or less and fits any toilet with a 2″ flush valve.
  • You can save water by customizing your flush to your needs by increasing or decreasing the flush pressure. To adjust, simply turn the dials, and the dual flush handle allows for a half or full flush for liquids and solids.
  • The kit comes with an installation manual and instructions to guide you through the installation process and avoid faltering.


  • The kit has a fixed overflow tube that may not work with some toilet models
  • The parts are weak. For example people complain that the trip lever handle doesn’t last long and breaks off after some time. The flush cable is not durable and snaps of after sometime


If you are looking for a dual flush conversion kit that is affordable, easy to install, and has a long warranty period and spares easily available in almost all local stores, then the Fluid master 550DFRK- 3 conversion kit is probably what you need.

 The Fluidmaster kit is an easy to install kit that comes with a variety of features to help you effectively convert your single flush toilet to a more eco-friendly dual flush one.

The kit also comes with the widely preferred handle mechanism that is easy to operate for all people.

Installing the Fluidmaster Duoflush

Factors to consider when buying a dual flush conversion kit

Before you go shopping for the best dual flush conversion kit, there are a few things to consider.

This is to ensure that you get the best product that meets your needs while also being effective. Make sure to consider each factor to avoid purchasing something that isn’t right for you.

The flush mechanism

While some people prefer the button system for its sassiness and aesthetics, others, mostly the elderly, prefer the handle system because it is more convenient and easy to use. We agree that the handle system is comfortable, but we disagree that it is the most convenient.

Because the button system, while requiring a little more pressure, lasts longer, whereas the handle systems are more vulnerable and appear to be less expensive. You must choose the appropriate type based on your preferences. If you prioritize comfort over durability, the lever system may be the best option for you.

Caliber of flushing

The main reason for installing these kits is to save water or to save energy. What’s the point of getting a kit if it doesn’t flush properly and requires multiple flushes to dissolve everything? As a result, you must ensure that the flushing power is sufficient.

Compatibility and suitability

Is the type of kit you’re thinking of getting compatible with your toilet? Is it compatible with your current washroom setup? Do you require a one-piece or two-piece toilet kit? What is the tank’s maximum capacity? What about the flushing access? These are the kinds of questions we should ask ourselves to figure out if we’re compatible.

Replacement parts and warranty

Check to see if the company offers any warranties and how long they last. You should also see if they provide replacement parts, as there may come a time when your kit will malfunction or break.

Leakage is a common problem that can occur. In these situations, you’ll need to replace the affected parts, and accessibility is critical. Remember, you’re not trying to replace the entire kit, just the damaged parts.


You’ll need enough room to install the kit because it requires clearance. From the inside, 10″-12″ clearance is required for the majority of the tank. Also, look into the space requirements for the system you’re buying

Additional features

Isn’t it true that we all enjoy getting freebies and bonuses? Plus, if a product has extra features, it stands out and is more desirable.

Look for some extras to round out your outfit. Some products include all of the tools required for assembly.


It’s more about your comfort and adaptability in this case. You must ensure that the button or handles are accessible to the user. In addition, the type of washroom you have must be compatible with the rest of the system.

Some people prefer the buttons to be on the top, while others prefer them to be in the middle, and still others prefer them to be on the left or right. There are also dual-flush conversion kits available, which allow for left-right orientation in addition to the standard one.

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