What is an elongated Toilet? Dimensions & why want it

As the name suggests, an elongated toilet has a longer front end of the toilet. It’s oval/ egg-shaped to give more room at the front side of the wash set. Many people would prefer an elongated toilet due to the numerous benefits it has, but more often than not some individuals have no clue what it means.

If that person is you, then you are in the right place. The following shall deeply define for you all you need to know about an elongated toilet. From its dimension to its purpose, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages.

What is an Elongated Toilet?

An elongated toilet is defined as one with a slightly larger bowl and a longer front section. They can measure approximately 18.5 inches long from the bolt holes at the back to the front edge of the loo.

These types of toilets will have a similar toilet seat and lid to adequately cover the egg shape of the loo. However, the named size above is just an estimation, you can get different other dimensions.

Pictures of elongated toilets
Elongated toilets

Elongated Toilet Dimensions (size)

The measurements of an elongated toilet are largely differentiated with the exterior length from the back post to the sharpest edge on the front. They can measure up to 31 inches from the wall to the front – that’s for a standard height toilet.

elongated toilet dimensions

The toilet seat will also measure 18.5 inches longer, which is two inches longer than the rounded toilets.

There are several compact elongated toilets to cater to small or limited bathroom spaces, but they equally have an oval shape. A two-piece elongated toilet would, however, be taller than a one.

Why Would I want an Elongated Toilet Bowl?

Besides the design which tends to attract a lot of people you would possibly want an elongated because of the following

If you have a spacious bathroom.

If you a have some cash to spend on a toilet design comfortable

Elongated models are the perfect fit if your house has only huge persons or adults, especially tall men. They are more comfortable and the bowl shape provides more room.

In addition to room, men also appreciate the sloped angle inside the bowl that helps prevent splashback. Without the constant touching of the seat ring or under the rim, one can reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

If you want a design that has hand space either at the front or back

At the same time, you may not need them if you have small kids and limited washroom space.

Unique Features

The elongated toilet exhibits certain unique features thanks to its shape and bowl design. Here are some of the common features you should expect;

1. Toilet Style

Most elongated toilets come in one-piece. Not only does it make it look sleek due to the seamless design, but it’s also easier to use and install – especially for wider or larger spaces.

It’s also easier to clean since there aren’t many areas for the dirt, mold, grime, and mildew to hide. Unfortunately, one-piece toilets are often more expensive than two pieces. 

2. Usage of Water

Elongated toilet seats have better water performance in terms of conservation.

They will consume approximately 1.6 gallons per water flush, which is enough for it to clear any waste. This is an essential feature as it tends to consume less water, therefore costing you less to pay the bill.

3. Measurements

In regards to its rough in measurements, you will notice that this type of bowl design easily fits limited and small spaces.

Rough-in is defined as the distance from the wall/ edge of the loo to the midsection of the post homes or drainage pipes located towards the floor. The smaller the measurement, the more compact it is, hence, better for your small space.

4. Durability

This feature is not directly dependent on the fact that it’s elongated since durability stems from its making.

However, elongated toilets are more beautiful, aesthetically, thanks to how they have been manufactured from sleek and shingle porcelain and added a layer of vitreous China and enamel. This not only adds the sheen, but it also extends the toilet’s longevity for as long as over 10 years.

5. Flush Type and Performance

Next up is the type of flushing system in conjunction with its performance.

One amazing feature about the elongated toilet is that it can actually be installed different flushing systems to best suit your needs and preferences. For example, it could have;

  • Gravity flush – a traditional flush kind where the water released from the tank is forced downwards into the bowl to clear waste.
  • Pressure assisted flush – here, the flush comes with more exerted pressure than the one above. However, it could be noisier since it’s expected to be more powerful.
  • Dual flush –  as the name suggests, the toilet can be installed both types of flush to aid with water-saving as well as preserve the environment.

6. Easy Installation

Many people love elongated toilets because they are much easier to install than any other kind. Most especially for the one-piece type. They are available in DIY options where you simply install it without a plumber. That is of course if you’re willing to waive other dependent costs.

7. Water and Environmental Friendliness

Last but not least, the elongated toilet features several water and environmentally friendly options. These include;

AquaPiston Technology

From the toilet brand Kohler, they have introduced a unique patented technology fitted with their elongated toilets known as the  AquaPiston flush. Here’s where you like the traditional ways of using a flapper, this new technology circulated water from a 360-degree angle.

It is more effective and efficient this way since there will be no more clogs and the flush will be more powerful; hence, saving on water.

G-Max Flushing System

Another option is this G-max that uses an extra-wide flush valve and flapper to clear more space for wider water flow. Without any constriction or blockages, the water can now travel faster into the bowl and with more strength. It also utilizes a powerful siphon jet to ensure all the waste will be cleared at once.

What’s more, former water-saving technologies, you can scale up to an E-max elongated toilet with better saving features.

Tornado Flush

Here, the toilet uses not one, not two, but three siphoned water jets that allow the toilet to constantly clean itself leaving it more sanitary and even easier to clean.

Commonly used by the TOTO brand, the tornado flush features an effective 360-degree cleaning process that not only clears waste with a single lever pull but with the centrifugal rinsing action, cleaning is much easier than before.

Double Cyclone

Finally, there is the double cyclone system which operates similarly to the traditional flushing system. However, instead of a 360 water flow, the water only passes through two nozzles within the bowl.

It will still be powerful due to the circular effect, but it will also be quite. The best part of it all is that you could only use 1.3 gallons of water per flush.

Pros and Cons of an Elongated Toilet Bowl

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of having an elongated toilet.


  • They are easier to clean – with an elongate front, the front end is more exposed due to a bigger bowl. This way, your cleaning agents can easily penetrate that area including your brushes. It will be tough for stains to accumulate.
  • It offers more surface area for genital areas. Most especially for men, the extra space in front will allow then to seat comfortably without worrying about their parts touching the toilet’s rim or the edge of the seat.
  • It offers more space for huge or heavyweight individuals. Those with wide hips are likely to feel unsupported or unbalanced while seated on an ordinary seat. With the elongated, however, it offers a bigger seat, so you don’t feel like your falling off. This also helps you relax as you go on with your business.
  • These toilets can be manufactured with many water and environmentally friendly features. From from powerful flushing system to different aqua technologies. All in an effort to save water and prevent clogs and backups. 


  • They cost more than the rounded toilets. This is mostly because of the added features such as a powerful dual flush, stylish designs, pristine decor. Among others.
  • Unfortunately, the elongated toilet can be a good fit for you in terms of your specific space section. If you are unsure about the spacing, look at its dimensions in the segments above.

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