5 Piece Bathroom vs. 4 Piece vs. 3 Piece Layouts

Bathrooms come in different layouts which are determined by the number of plumbing fixtures they come with. These plumbing fixtures include toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and even showers and they vary from one bathroom layout to the other.

A 5-piece bathroom has five plumbing fixtures, while a 4-piece bathroom has four plumbing fixtures and a 3-piece bathroom has three plumbing fixtures. Read on to get additional information on this.

What is a 5-piece Bathroom?

A 5 piece bathroom is a fairly common type of full bathroom that consists of 5 pieces or five plumbing fixtures. This could include, for example, a shower, separate bathtub, toilet, sink, and bidet.

The additional fixtures, such as the bathtub and bidet, offer increased functionality and convenience for personal hygiene and bathing needs.

This configuration is often found in larger or more luxurious bathrooms, such as master bathrooms or en-suite bathrooms.

Compared to bathroom layouts with fewer fixtures, a 5-piece bathroom is considered a more spacious and comprehensive bathroom configuration.

5-piece bathroom layout
Five Piece


The layout of a 5-piece bathroom can vary depending on the available space and your personal preferences. Below is a common layout configuration for a 5-piece bathroom

  • Toilet: The toilet is typically placed against one wall, preferably with some privacy. It can be positioned next to the sink or in a separate enclosed area.
  • Sink: The sink, also known as a vanity, is usually located adjacent to the toilet. It may have a countertop, storage cabinets, and a mirror above it.
  • Bathtub: The bathtub is often placed against one wall, either in a corner or along one side of the bathroom. It can be a freestanding tub, a built-in alcove tub, or a corner tub, depending on the available space and design preferences.
  • Shower: The shower area can be separated from or combined with the bathtub. It typically features a showerhead, controls, and a shower enclosure, such as a glass door or curtain, to prevent water splashing.
  • Bidet: If included, the bidet is placed next to the toilet or in a separate area. It is used for personal hygiene purposes and is commonly found in European-style bathrooms.

Other layouts can be;

  • Sink, sink, toilet, shower, bathtub
  • Sink, sink, toilet, double shower
  • Sink, sink, toilet, shower, bidet
  • Sink, sink, toilet, bathtub, bidet
  • Sink, toilet, double shower, and bathtub

It’s important to note that the specific placement and arrangement of fixtures in a 5-piece bathroom will depend on the size and shape of the room, plumbing considerations, and personal preferences.

What is a 4-piece Bathroom?

A 4-piece bathroom typically refers to a bathroom layout that includes four essential fixtures: a toilet, a sink, a bathtub, and a shower.

It is mostly found in homes, apartments, and hotels that want to provide a complete and functional bathroom setup with separate areas for bathing and personal hygiene.

4-piece bathroom layout
4-piece layout


The most common combination of the layout of a 4-piece bathroom is a sink, shower, bathtub, and toilet.

  • Toilet-It is a standard fixture included in a 4-piece bathroom. It is usually positioned against one wall, providing privacy and functionality.
  • Sink/Vanity-It includes a countertop, a basin, and storage space in the form of cabinets or drawers.
  • Bathtub-Provides a dedicated space for bathing and relaxation. It can be a standalone freestanding tub, an alcove tub built into a wall, or a corner tub, depending on the available space and design preferences.
  • Shower– It includes a showerhead, controls for water temperature and flow and an enclosure to prevent water from splashing outside.

What is a 3-piece Bathroom?

This is a bathroom layout that includes three essential fixtures: a toilet, a sink, and a shower.

A 3-piece bathroom offers a functional and space-efficient layout, particularly suitable for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms where space is limited. It provides the essentials for personal hygiene and bathing needs.

3-piece bathroom layout
3-piece layout

Although a 3-piece bathroom has fewer fixtures compared to 5 and 4-piece layouts, it still offers a complete and practical setup for everyday bathroom activities.

5 Piece Bathroom vs. 4 Piece vs. 3 Piece: Differences

5-piece Bathroom4-piece Bathroom3-piece Bathroom
Comes with five plumbing fixtures.Comes with four plumbing fixturesComes with three plumbing fixtures
Occupies a large spaceOccupies a space larger than a 3-piece but less than a five-piece.Occupies the least space
Is a full bathroomIs a full bathroomIs a three-quarter bathroom
Most expensiveMore expensive than a three-piece but less expensive than a 5 pieceLess costly

The main difference between the 5-piece, 4-piece, and 3-piece bathrooms is the plumbing fixtures that they come with. A 5 piece comes with 5 while a 4 piece comes with four plumbing fixtures while a 3 piece comes with only three plumbing fixtures.

Furthermore, there is a difference in the amount of space that these different bathrooms can occupy. The 5 pieces being the largest among the three occupy the largest area as the number of fixtures it comes with are many, followed by the 4 pieces and then the 3 pieces which occupy the least space.

The layout of a 4-piece bathroom includes a sink, a toilet, and a tub with a shower, while the layout of a 3-piece includes a sink, a toilet, and a shower stall. That of a five-piece comes in different layouts, but the most common one includes a set of two sinks, a toilet, a bathtub, and a shower.

The other difference between these three sets of bathroom types is the common names used for them. The common name of a 5-piece and a 4-piece bathroom is a full bathroom while that for the 3-piece bathroom is a ¾ bathroom since it does not have more than three items, and hence it misses one item that a full bathroom comes with.

Another difference is the popularity of the bathroom types. The 5 pieces and 4-piece bathrooms are more common as compared to the three-piece bathroom. This is because of the shower and tub combination which are currently so common in the world.

To add to this, the cost for each layout is different. Five-piece bathrooms are the most expensive for they include more fixtures. The 4-piece bathroom is less expensive compared to a 5-piece bathroom but costs more than a 3-piece bathroom. The 3 piece bathroom is the least costly of the three bathroom types.


Is there a One-piece Bathroom?

A one-piece bathroom may be just a sink or a toilet or a tub. That is not exactly a bathroom.

You could technically call a laundry sink a one-piece bathroom, but it might be more apt to use it to describe when bedrooms have their sink. You can also use the term to describe a bathtub with no other fixtures, or a shower room that stands alone.

Is there a Two-piece Bathroom?

A Two-piece bathroom (2-piece bath) is a bathroom with only two plumbing fixtures: a sink and a toilet. A two-piece bathroom is not a full bathroom because you cannot have a shower or bath in one. However, a two-piece bathroom can be pretty handy nonetheless. It is often called a half bathroom.

Is there a Six-piece Bathroom?

Yes, there is a six-piece bathroom. A six-piece bathroom suite is rare and often regarded as a deluxe option, one that requires a lot of space. As with all the other bathroom suites mentioned in this article, the six-piece suite describes a bathroom suite that features six different bathroom fixtures. If you are in a position where space is not a concern, then this type of setup might be the one for you.

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