Where to put Toilet Paper Holder in Small Bathroom+Storage Ideas

Having a large bathroom is such a luxury since you can have as many items in it as you want. A small bathroom, on the other hand, can be quite limiting since you only need to have the basics in the toilet such as toilet paper and a few others. If you’re dealing with a small bathroom, you may need to get inventive with how you put a toilet paper holder in it.

The best places to put the toilet paper holder in a small bathroom include mounting it on the wall, on the side or over the toilet tank, and placing it on the floor. Ensure the idea you choose is accessible and usable to anyone using the toilet.

Without a proper place to store the toilet paper, it can easily gather dust and lint and dirt in general. Most importantly, it’ll be quite hard using the toilet paper consistently as it’ll be hard keeping a steady supply of it. Below, we take a look at some of the best ideas on where to put the toilet paper when your bathroom isn’t large enough for normal storage.

On the wall

If you choose to mount the toilet paper holder to the wall, some of the best ideas include the following:

Wall-mounted Tissue Holder

The easiest and the most obvious place to put a TP holder on small bathroom is simply mounting the holder on the side walls.

Wall mounted toilet paper holder
TP mounted on wall

Wooden ladder with wire storage

A wooden ladder with various wire storage spaces helps organize the bathroom since you can use it to hold toilet paper, towels, soaps, oils and other items. You can arrange it such that the heavier items such as the oils and soaps are on the lower storage spaces while the lighter ones such as toilet paper are on the upper ones. Still, make sure the toilet paper is within reach when someone is using the toilet.

Wooden Ladder wire hanger Toilet storage
Ladder and wire hanger

Shutters with a toilet basket

A shutter helps save on space as it can be simply attached to the wall then items such as a toilet paper basket or even roll attached to it. Look for a toilet basket that is about the same size as the shutter for an easy fit.

Shutter with Basket for storage

Using fabric to make a toilet holder

You can cut up a piece of cloth about the width of toilet paper then roll it up and stick the ends on a wall to keep it as a pouch. You then simply slide the toilet paper in and out of the piece of fabric when using it. You will need to clean this piece of cloth then dry it before using it again. For this reason, you may need more than one for each toilet to allow for proper drying.

DIY fabric Toilet paper holder
Fabric Holder Storage

Wall art toilet paper holder

You can make a piece of art using pieces of wood then stack the toilet paper rolls on top of each other. You can choose a cloud-shaped one with the cloud shape on the lower side or a boxy one with a V shape on the lower side.

Wall mounted baskets

The best idea so far has been to hang the toilet paper on the wall as it saves on floor space. With small baskets mounted on the wall, you can always have at least two rolls of toilet paper in the toilet at every single time.

Floating shelf ideas

A floating shelf is one that doesn’t touch the floor or ceiling of the room and these are some of the best when it comes to keeping items like toilet paper. You can have one that’s small enough for a few toilet paper rolls at a time.

Floating Shelves Small bathroom Storage
Floating Shelves

Recessed wall niche roll holders

One way to save space on the wall is to use a recessed approach to the toilet paper holder. If the room is really crowded, the recessed shelf will be plush with the wall but offer a few spaces to store toilet paper and other small items in the toilet.

Hanging shelves

If you can’t build the shelves on the wall, you can have temporary ones hanging on the side of the toilet such that they hang from two permanent points on the wall. This will, however, limit the amount of weight you can have on the shelf. With such a shelf, use light wood and avoid having potted plants on it as it’ll be too heavy for the hangers.

Using braided leather to hold the toilet paper

Braided leather can be found in different colors, sizes and lengths. You can pick a finish that best matches the look of your toilet walls then make two hooks on either end of the leather. These hooks will need two points to hang on the wall then you can hang a roll of toilet paper on it. In most cases, the leather will hold only one roll of toilet paper.

On the side or Over the toilet tank

The tank can also proved surface on which you can put your holders. You can either mouth the holder on the side or simply place it over the tank.

Over the Tank

If your toilet uses a lever on the side to flush rather than a button on top, you can use the free space on top to mount a rack which can hold items on top and the sides. On the top, you can place a small plant and other small decorations while the side can be packed with toilet paper.

This idea can work either alone or with the combination of a toilet paper holder. On its own, you may need the user to pick the top toilet paper roll from the rack when using it. This can be a bit of an inconvenience. When combined with a toilet paper holder with a bar, the rack can be simply used as a store for the toilet paper.

Over Toilet Racks

An over-the-toilet storage rack is another place to put your tissue holder. You can store other bathroom items in addition to the holder. Although it is a good space-saving idea, you have to turn round in order to access the tissue.

Over the toilet rack for tp holder storage
Over the toilet rack

On the side of Tank

You can also mount a toilet paper holder on the side of the tank as shown in the image below

Toilet paper holder over and on side of tank
On the side of tank rack to hold toilet paper

On the floor

While the space on the floor of a small toilet will be limited, it can be used to hold the toilet paper. The toilet paper should be at least 19 inches off the ground and within reach of the user for the best experience. The following are some ideas.

Floor stands

Free-standing holders are an alternative to buckets and baskets. They can hold one or more tissue papers. The best place to put them is near the corner.

Freestanding Toilet Paper holder on the floor
TP holder Floor Stands

Basket with rolling rod

A basket with a rolling rod at the top makes it easy to both store and use toilet paper in your small bathroom. The fresh rolls will stay in the basket while the one in use is hooked onto the rod. The basket can then be placed anywhere apart from the floor as it can easily wet the toilet paper of water is poured on the floor. You can station it by the sink or even on the toilet tank.

Baket with Rolling rod for toilet paper storage
Basket & Rolling Rod

Buckets turned into toilet holders

If you have a wooden bucket that looks good and vintage in design, you can easily turn it into a toilet holder with a few modifications. This shouldn’t take much effort from you since you only need to throw in a few rolls of toilet paper and you’re good to go.

Corner toilet paper holders

Triangular shaped toilet paper holders are a great way to save on space and still have enough space to stack up many rolls of toilet paper. You can have a shelf with various sections for each roll of toilet paper. You can also have a single column with the toilet paper rolls stacked on top of each other.

Using a magazine holder as a toilet paper holder

If an old magazine holder is in the home, you can turn it into a toilet paper holder without even any modifications. If it’s large enough to hold the toilet paper, you can stack a few of them in it then put it in a corner of the bathroom.

Any one of these ideas should provide enough storage space for your toilet paper and even other necessities without taking up too much space in the bathroom. While some of them will need solutions to be bought from the store, others can be made right at home.

Doorless Wooden Cabinets

Another clever idea for this task is to use a few pieces of wood to make a doorless cabinet placed on floor, just near the walls. This cabinet can be used to stack up rolls of toilet paper on the side and other items either on the side or on top of it. You can even add a plant to the top of the shelf for a better bathroom look.

Doorless Cabinets for toilet paper storage
Doorless Cabinets

Best Small Bathroom Toilet Paper Holders

If you can’t make a DIY solution for yourself, you will need one from the store and the best ones we have selected for you are as follows:

1. Over-the-tank Chrome Triple Roll Reserve

This chrome toilet roll holder holds up for three rolls of toilet paper and is one of the smallest. Rather than putting it on the floor or other place, you simply hook it up on the side of the toilet tank and you’re good to go. It’s made of high-quality metal and will thus last longer.

2. Yamazaki Toilet Paper Stand

The Yamazaki toilet paper stand is one of the simplest stands for holding toilet paper and will save lots of space in the bathroom. It’s a small circular stand the size of toilet paper with a rod around which the toilet paper will stay. It holds up to 3 rolls of toilet paper and is easily one of the best for a small bathroom.

3. Yamazaki Toilet Paper Stocker

Another top option from Yamazaki is the toilet paper stocker which is a small cabinet with a hole in one corner where you can dispense the toilet paper from. You add new rolls of toilet paper at the top each time one is removed from the top.

This enclosed approach is one of the best since it keeps the toilet paper away from dust and water which can damage it.

4. Seagrass Paper Holder

This beautiful basket is made from abaca and rattan and doubles as a toilet paper holder and dispenser. While the lower side holds several rolls of toilet paper, the top part holds a bar that dispenses the toilet paper. It’s a handy basket that has strong yet light materials to stay in use for long.

These five will serve your purpose of keeping the toilet paper in constant supply in your small bathroom.

Where I can put a Toilet Paper Holder in a Small Bathroom with no Side Walls?

If your bathroom is small and lacks side walls, you can put your toilet paper holder on the side or over the tank or simply put the holder on the floor. Floor tissue holder ideas include;

  •         Using freestanding toilet paper holders
  •         Using baskets
  •         A cart storage
  •         Toilet paper cabinets   
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