Toilet Seat Types

The toilet seat is the most customized toilet piece there is. They can be different in terms of their working mechanism, material, and shape, among other features.

There are a variety of toilet seats ranging from wood, plastic, soft close, standard close, heated to smart. Furthermore, the seats can be further designed in different shapes including round and oval.

Now that you have a slight idea of the types, let’s take a look at each category, plus the features that make it stand out.

Closing Mechanism

This simply refers to how the toilet seat reverts down after use. There are two types of toilet seats in this category;

  • Standard
  • Soft

Standard Close

These are the traditional styles of seat closing where you can just slam the seat back down once you’re done. They’re basic and don’t have much maintenance or disadvantages besides hurting yourself as the seat reverts to its original place.

They fit all toilets and are sometimes much of a concern unless you’re afraid of your fingers getting pinched as the seat closes especially in the case of kids.

Soft Close

The second, more modern type is the soft close toilet seat where it’s slow moving providing a more gentle closing mechanism for the seat and lead. There aren’t loud bangs or slamming and it’s very ideal for families with small children or just several people.

The four benefits of having the soft close include;

  • Minimal noise – they don’t produce loud clatters even if you lose your grip. They’re meant to slowly shut themselves with no noise and added privacy. Nobody has to know you went to the loo at night if you regularly visit the washroom then. They won’t cause any disturbance at night.
  • They’re easy to maintain – these soft close toilet seats come with a quick-release function that allows you to remove the seat and clean it thoroughly and occasionally, as you may like. You can easily remove grime, dirt, and debris from the seat.
  • Safety – it’s very likely that you can hurt your fingers when the seat comes slamming back down. That’s not the case with a soft-close toilet seat. There is a minimized risk of injury and trapping your fingers in there. Moreover, regardless of how much force you put in the seat, they’re unlikely to close or open as fast as you want. They have their speed rate.
  • Easy to install – even if you have a traditional toilet, you can install a soft close seat to your toilet quickly. The process is rather straightforward and comes with a handy guideline to follow.

Because many of these soft-close toilet seats are made of plastic or vinyl, they can get clean really well and don’t have mildew or mold build up as quickly as other materials would.


Toilet seats are majorly categorized by the materials it’s made of. There are a variety of them, some with excellent features, while others are just aesthetically pleasing. Here are the types of materials used to make toilet seats.


This is the most obvious choice even for manufacturers as they’re easy to install, and rarely break, nor need replacements. Plastic toilet seats made from polypropylene are very affordable, have much better sanitation status, and come in multiple colors.

Plastic type of toilet seat
Plastic Seat

They rarely react to cleaning agents and can be cleaned with ease as often as you’d like. Moreover, they don’t get dumped hence, don’t create breeding places for mold and mildew.

Unfortunately, they are cold to sit on and not a good choice for cold areas. In rare cases, the seat could give in to breakage and could also turn yellow over time.

You can also choose to have ABS plastic to make the seats. They are more durable and highly resistant to discoloration, unlike polypropylene toilet seats. They may be more expensive though.


The other type of plastic is thermoplastic which is very attractive and has a glossy finish, making it very easy to clean. The synthetic resin used to make the thermoplastic is done by injection molding which adds to its durability and sturdiness.

Duroplast (Thermoset)

If you’re looking for more style, then the Duroplast/ thermoset is a good choice. It’s more stylish, durable, and hardwired thanks to its deluxe polymer material.

The polymer blend is very sturdy, UV ray resistant, and resistant against strong chemical agents. Unfortunately, even with its strong make and long lifespan, its disposal is harmful to the environment and hence not an eco-friendly choice.

Engineered, Moulded, or Solid Wood

Wood is a very much sought-after material because of its aesthetic finish, stylish design, and choice of wood. The most common choice though is natural oak, followed by teakwood.

Wood toilet seat type
Bemis Wooden Toilet seat

You have the choice between solid wood and molded wood where natural is more versatile in terms of decorating and less likely to stain or lose its shade.

Moreover, the natural kind can have a dull finish or a high gloss finish, depending on your liking.

Other popular options for wood are bamboo and MDF(Medium Density Fibreboard). Natural wood has its downsides including the likelihood to damage easily in case you use a harsh cleaning agent.

Also, because it’s natural to wood, it will warp in moist environments. This damages its durability and style.

Bamboo is a great choice for molded wooden toilet seats as it’s eco-friendly and attractive and can be done with wood treatment such as adding vanish. MDF is also a great choice.

Made from compressed wood-based fiber, it is high quality and easy to maintain.

Moisture will still be a large challenge which means wooden treatment is very essential to avoid smells and warping in the future. 


Lastly, there are Polyresin seats which are more lightweight and flexible as compared to wood and plastic seats.

They are made by compressing powdered or liquid resin and adding a hardening agent.

They can be designed in multiple colors and designs, including decorative options such as flowers.

Furthermore, you can have a see-through/ transparent toilet seat fitted with different drawings like cartoons and holiday specials like Christmas or Easter.

Resin is a unique choice that’s as resistant as the other choices. It’s high quality and scratch-proof and not expensive.


The shape refers to how the seat looks or the angle is shown. There are two common shapes, plus another shape available in the market, namely;

Featured Toilet Seats

These types of toilet seats are specialized to cater to some people. Whether is just a luxury toilet seat or a medical-enhanced seat, they have features suited to fit specific people’s needs.


Raised toilet seats are a good example of specialized seats made for people with hip or leg injury and the elderly. Being raised means the seat can have a height of 22 inches or more. This minimizes the need for the user to bend, squat, or descend any further than they need to.

Other raised seats have elevated risers with cushions, padded handles, lifters, safety extenders, among others. They’re specialized for the disabled, elderly, seniors, and handicapped.


In the winter, many people may opt for a better option than just installing a wooden toilet seat. Heated toilet seats are an aspect borrowed from Japan where the seat adjusts and regulates itself depending on the climatic conditions.

There are two other types of toilet seats that don’t necessarily have to do with how the seat looks. They include;

Ultra-Slim Seats

These are a very modern and minimalist type of toilet seats that feature really thin toilet seats fitted with soft close hinges.

They’re a good alternative for those who don’t want a bulky toilet set but want to enjoy the soft-close design.

Moreover, another ultra slim seat has additional features as you shall read about in the last section. 

Bidet Seats or Smart Seats

Smart seats are Japanese-style seats that embrace technology to the end. Unlike western toilets, these have many features to offer including their Vellamo Smart Japanese-Style Bidet toilet seat.

Smart Bidet Toilet Seat
Smart toilet seat

Their main aim is to enhance comfort in the toilet with things like an adjustable heated seat, LED lighting (for both the day and night time), deodorizing capability, air dryer temperature levels, automated cleaning, energy-saving mode, and adjustable water and temperature levels.

All this is packed into one neat remote control situated next to the toilet seat.

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