Toilet Names, Funny, Nicknames &Terms in Different Languages

The toilet is a noun that has a long list of names to describe it. There are so many slang and funny terms that people have come up with over the years. At times, it’s very embarrassing when you need to tell people that you have to use a washroom bluntly. It’s often uncomfortable. Why not get a nickname for your toilet or a more comfortable phrase that you could use? Here are some ideas for you.

Funny Toilet Names

You would really love it when you make your friends crack their ribs by just the mention of a name you have for your toilet or how you normally call and refer to the toilet as.

The porcelain throne: this is a funny name to refer to the toilet, especially one that someone has to sit on to use it. It’s a suitable name since some toilet seats are made of porcelain material.

The big white phone: From the sound of the name it’s already hilarious, and when you hear someone saying they are going to visit the big white phone just to find out it is the toilet can make you burst into laughter.

Library – referring to a toilet as a library is very hilarious and ironic. This term can be used by someone who loves reading as they use the powder room or even just sitting on the toilet seat and reading. 

Roosevelt Hideout—Roosevelt is a brand that makes tissue, hence making this funny name make sense as tissue is always hiding in the toilet.

Small White Pool – this can be an interesting way to refer to the toilet since it comprises a white bowl-like sit that has some water and where one deposits their waste, creating a pool-like feature.

Bowl – it’s funny how you can refer to a toilet as a bowl just because the toilet seat is bowl-shaped.

Oval Office – An office is a more classical and sassy place when put in comparison with a toilet and when you call a toilet this way, it is very hilarious.

Comfort Station – most words that have station as the suffix do not bring the comfort that you get when you are in the toilet as you can sit and deposit your fecal waste as you think. You can read a book, a magazine or even at times use your phone. You can comfortably use this name, especially if you get a lot of comfort when you are in your toilet and even consider it as a safe place in the house.

Pooper House – pooper is from the word ‘poop’ which is a slang used to mean the waste that you secret when you go for a long call. It’s funny when you refer to the toilet as a house where the poop lives, even if it makes so much sense.

Thunder box – Just from saying or even writing this name, you find yourself laughing. Thunder here is used to refer to the sound that comes out when you poop. And at times it’s too loud, resembling the sound of thunder.

Thunder Mug – this name is very funny and ironic when given to a toilet. You know very well that a mug holds good liquids and when given to a toilet since it’s where you deposit a poop, then it becomes hilarious. 

Stool pool – where do you swim if not a pool? Even fish have pools where they can be kept and continue swimming, and they are called ponds. Why not call the toilet a stool pool, since that is where the stool swims?

Porcelain bus – since the toilet is of porcelain material, why not refer to it as the porcelain bus? It’s funny when you want to use the powder room and use the phrase ‘I’m going to ride the porcelain bus’ it will leave your friends bursting with laughter as they have the imagination of a porcelain bus.

Poopatorium – if you are a scientist who loves making everything scientific then this is a phrase you would use since most of the scientific names and terms end with the suffix -arium. It’s definitely funny to the science lovers who will use the suffix.

One-Seater – a toilet has a seat for just one person, and hence this name makes a lot of sense.  However, it is funny as it’s a rare one and also ironic when you compare to the compound names that have the word seater, especially cars and houses.

Facebook chair – you can literally crack into laughter from the mention of this name. The name would be outstanding to be used by an addict of social media pages, especially Facebook. And loves viewing posts on Facebook when he or she is in the toilet. The name can also be blended with other social media sites. Maybe you love Instagram, so you call the toilet an insta chair. If you live Twitter, then you can call it the tweet chair or tweeting chair or just Twitter chair. For Snapchat, it could be a snap chair or snappy chair. Green app chair would be very suitable if you are always on WhatsApp.

Other funny toilet Names

  • Little Boy’s Room   
  • Roost   
  • Bench-Hole   
  • See A Man About A Horse   
  • Little Girls Room       
  • Biffy   
  • Gong   
  • Shit Shack            
  • Hers and His   
  • One-Holer   
  • Squatty Potty   
  • Brick Shithouse   
  • House Of Lords   
  • Stink House      
  • Stool Can   
  • Pee House   
  • Superintendent’s Office   
  • Petty    
  • Chamber Pot   
  • John   
  • Pit Stop   
  • The throne   
  • John’s House     
  • Johnny   
  • Porcelain God      
  • Pot   
  • Crapping Can              
  • Turd Bucket   
  • Dream Catcher   
  • Lavabo   
  • Reading Room   
  • Turd House
  • Look
  • Upper decker
  • Bum wad
  • Mexican tablecloth
  • Wiz box
  • Geneva convention
  • On the throne
  • Collateral whiz
  • Bung fodder
  • Dingleberries
  • Ring – ripper
  • Moon squares
  • Deuce closet
  • Pee pee can
  • Beached whale
  • Terlet
  • Toilerbating
2-piece toilet
Two-piece toilet

Toilet Names- British

Loo -This term derives from Waterloo. An early British toilet manufacturer produced a model of cistern named Waterloo in honor of the Battle of Waterloo, and the term derives from the phrase going to the Waterloo and then abbreviated to simply as going to the loo. It is mostly used in informal British English.

Jacks – In Tudor England, a privy was a Jake’s in 1530. In modern Ireland, the cognate term jacks is used, and is a very common method of referring to the toilet.

Lavatory – The term lavatory, or lav, derives from the Latin, which in turn comes from Latin, to wash. It used to refer to a vessel for washing, such as a sink or washbasin, and so came to mean a room with washing vessels. Since these rooms often also contain toilets, the meaning evolved into its current meaning, namely the polite and formal euphemism for a toilet and the room containing it. Lavatory is the common signage for toilets on commercial airlines around the world. The contraction of lavatory, which is lav, is commonly used in British to mean toilet.

Jacks – In Tudor England a privy was first a jakes in 1530. In modern Ireland, the cognate term jacks is still used, and is a very common method of referring to the toilet.

WC – The WC is the initial letters of Water Closet, surprisingly used commonly in France. In Mexico, WC is very common everywhere on public toilets, although the majority of the people there do not know the meaning of the ‘mysterious’ letters on the door. It is used in British English to mean a room which contains a toilet.

Khazi- the name derived from khazi, also spelled karzy, kharsie or carzey, from a low Cockney word carsey originating in the late 19th century and meaning a privy. Carsey also referred to a den or brothel. It is presumably derived from the Italian casa for house, with the spelling influenced by a sound similar to khaki. Khazi is now most commonly used in the city of Liverpool in the UK, away from its cockney slang roots. This name is a slang word for toilet.

Bog – The bog is a colloquial expression in British English for a toilet. Originally, “bog” was used to describe an open cesspit, and the word later applied to the privy connected to it. More widespread is the usage of bog roll, meaning toilet paper. See also tree bog, not to be confused with the swampland meaning of bog.

Shit house – The shit house is British slang for the toilet. It is not an official name, as ‘shit’ is an offensive word.

Privy – The Privy is an old-fashioned term used more in the North of England and in Scotland, a possible derivation meaning private place.

Vin – Vin is common with some members of the English Aristocracy and upper classes, although the word ‘vin’ is rarely used in modern England.

Cloak room – According to the British, a cloakroom is a room containing toilets in a public building or a room containing a toilet on the first floor of someone’s house.

Toilet Names American

In America, the place where you sit is a toilet. Is that accurate? The toilet and sink are positioned in the bathroom of a home. The most popular phrase in a public area is a restroom, while other terms such as bathroom, washroom, men’s/room, women’s and lavatory.

John – The John is an American term for the toilet

Latrine – Latrine is a term common in the US Military, specifically for the Army and Air Force for any point of entry facility where humans deposit their fecal waste, which a civilian might call a bathroom or toilet, regardless of how modern or primitive it is.

Shit house – The Shit house is also an American slang used to refer to the toilet.

Restroom – In America, you’ll often hear the toilet referred to as the ‘restroom’. This alternative word for toilet first gained popular usage in the early twentieth century. Alluding to the toilet as somewhere one could ‘take a rest’ and ‘refresh oneself’, it’s redolent of an age when our turns off phrase erred on the side of modesty.

Bathroom – according to North American English, a bathroom is a room containing a toilet and bathroom sink and typically also a bath or shower.

Similarly, A bathroom is a room in a house or public building that contains a toilet.

Toilet Names in Various Languages/Cultures/Countries

With the existence of numerous and different languages, cultures, and countries all over the world, there are also different names for a toilet. Following are toilet names in different languages and cultures.

Baño in Spanish

Toilette in french

 Xǐshǒujiān in Chinese

Choo or Msala in Swahili

Alhamam in Arabic

Tuvalet in Turkish

Gabinetto in Italian

Shauchaalay in Hindi

Busu in Bemba

Cesuo in Mandarin

Brazilian Portuguese: banheiro.

Tualet in Russian

Hxngna In Thai

Toalett in Norwegian

Afrikaans – toilet

Albanian – tualet

Bosnian – toalet

Croatian – Nužnik

Czech -Toaleta

Danish – toilet

Dutch – toilet

Estonian -Tualett

Filipino – Palikuran

Finnish – Käymälä / WC

Greek – τουαλέτα (Toualéta)

Hebrew- Shirutim

Hungarian – Mosdó

Icelandic – Salerni

Indonesian – toilet

Japanese – トイレ (Toire)

Kazakh -туалет

Khmer – បង្គន់ (Bangkon)

Korean -화장실 (Hwajangsil) 

Lao – ຫ້ອງນ້ໍ (Hong n o) 

Latvian – Tualete

LIthuanian – Tualetas

Macedonian – тоалет (Toalet

Malay – Tandas

Maltese – Toilet

Mongolian -бие засах газар (Biye zasakh gazar)

Nepali – शौचालय (Śaucālaya) 

Polish – Toaleta

Portuguese – Toucador

Punjabi – ਟੌਇਲਿਟ (Ṭau’iliṭa

Romanian – Toaletă

Russian – туалет (Tualet)

Serbian – тоалет (Toalet) 

Slovak -Toaleta

Slovenian – Stranišče

Somali – Musqul

Swedish – Toalett

Tamil – கழிவறை (Kaḻivaṟai)

Thai – ห้องน้ำ (Hong Naam)

Turkish – Tuvalet

Ukrainian – туалет (Tualet) 

Uzbek – Hojatxona

Vietnamese – Nhà vệ sinh

Canadian English – washroom

Irish English – WC

Arabic (Egyptian) – tawaleet

Bosnian – toalet

Old English – gangern or gangstōl

Extremaduran – serviciu

Galician – baño

Gascon – las mans or los comuns

Iloko – banio

Jamaican – bawtroom

Jenesch  – tuulet

Jutish (West) –  toilett

Kannada – śaucālaya or ṭāyleṭ

Latin – latrinae

Lingala -cabinet

Mossi – twalet

Romani – toalet

Scot – lavvy or Toilet or wattrie

Serbian – toalet

Sicilian – bagnu or cabbinettu

Welsh – toiled

Other Toilet Terms, Nicknames & Synonyms

Pissoir – Yet another alternative word for toilet derived from French, ‘pissoir’ is derived from the Middle French word ‘pisser’, which means to urinate. In France, the term largely referred to public urinals

Comfort Room – In Philippine English and some other countries, “Comfort Room”, or “C.R.”, is the most common term in use.

Netty – The Netty is a Northern English Expression for an outside toilet.

House of Office – The house of office was a common name for a toilet in the seventeenth century; England.

Cludgie – this is a rather vulgar term for toilet. It refers to an outside toilet. Scotland predominantly largely used this term.

Dunny – The Dunny is an Australian expression for an outside toilet. The person who appeared weekly to empty the pan beneath the seat was the dunny man. The word derives from the British dialect word dunnekin, meaning dung-house.  It is now an informal word used for any lavatory and is most often used referring to drop or pit lavatories in the Australian bush.

Crapper – The Crapper is another term in general use, along with the word ‘crap’, meaning excrement. Crapper is the name of one Thomas Crapper, who is mistakenly associated with the invention of the modern flush toilet. He did have several patents related to plumbing, but the word crap predates him.

Half-Moon – this name can be given to a toilet since the toilet seat actually looks like a half moon. Furthermore, if you are a lover of the moon and love watching the moon through the tiny toilet window as you deposit your fecal waste then you might just have landed on the appropriate name for you.

Depository – you always deposit your fecal wastes in the toilet making this a less embarrassing and comfortable name to use every time you need to excuse yourself to answer the call of nature.

Thinking throne – Maybe you think more than you speak. Maybe the toilet space is where you feel safe, and you have made it your safe space. Then this might be the best name you would use as a way of referring to the toilet, as it is where you do Most of your thinking. Why not give it the crown it deserves to be given.

Us Constitution – this name has a metaphorical glamour in it? Are you a thinker? Do you love holding the ‘me, myself and I ’meetings? Then this is just the name you would use for a toilet if it is the place where you hold the ‘me, myself and I ’meetings.

Poop eraser – When writing or drawing you always use an eraser of any kind to do away with dirt or mistakes made in the work. The toilet does something similar to an eraser. It does away with the fecal wastes that are excreted from the human body, and this makes the name vengeful.

Potty – this is from the word pot, which actually has a similar shape as the toilet seat. Most adults use the term potty when referring to the plastic portable modified toilet – like items, others even have seats for young children to use to deposit their fecal wastes.

Synonyms of toilet.

  • Restroom
  • John
  • Bathroom
  • latrine
  • Loo
  • Pot
  • Poet’s corner
  • Crapper
  • Can
  • Lavatory
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