Round Toilet Seat, Dimensions, Pros & Cons

Round toilet seats appear as true circles or edge fewer toilets with a rounded front. The bowls have an equal radius as measured by the rough in measurements. For decades, these have been the universal bowl shape before the elongated toilets came in.

They could fit in just about any space and you won’t even have to break the bank to afford one. But that’s not all you need to know about the round front toilets. If you’ve been looking for a detailed review of the round toilets, you’re in the right place. Let’s have a look at all the facts about this particular bowl designed washlet.

What is a Round Toilet Seat?

A round toilet seat is simply one of the two bowl shapes a lavatory can come with. Since the introduction of toilets, centuries ago, the bowl was and still is round to imitate the true circle or a ring.

Round Toilet(Amarican Cadet 2-piece))
Round Toilet

After some time, several innovations and technologies came into play, which then brought about square-shaped toilets with a rounded front.

This, however, doesn’t change its original appearance which is its number one feature.


Round toilet fixtures measure a maximum of 28 inches (two inches less than the elongated bowl-shaped design).

The interior bowl shape is 16.5 inches, also two inches smaller with rough in measurements of 11 inches all around.

round toilet dimensions

All other dimensional elements are further discussed below under the unique features segment.

Unique Features

Round toilets have several admirable features.Following are some of these cool features

Compact Sizing

They have a smaller, more compact bowl size measuring just 16.5 inches or less. This is an excellent petite look especially for commercial spaces that need to install multiple toilet stalls. They are also a perfect choice for half baths and other sharing units since they will not take up any big spaces.

While being able to be accommodative to small spaces, they can look off and strange in bigger areas like a residential bathroom.

Round toilet seat
Round toilet seat

Convenience Theory

Building from the first point above, they are smaller in size. A smaller bowl with then means a smaller surface area. Therefore, they’re conveniently used in public restrooms to discourage people from spending long intervals in the toilet.

This is also why they are best for use by children as they don’t ha e any intention of spending a lot of time in the washroom.

You will also notice that other public areas will have a square-shaped toilet with the round front; they equally operate under the same convenience theory, where the less accommodative the toilet is the faster people will go about their business.

Ease of Installation

Round toilets are also light in weight, which means you don’t need professionals and other people helping you to carry it not install it in your home.

Most especially, if you find an easy to install model, you can do it by yourself using a simple one, two, three-step process.


Right from the beginning, you have read how round front toilets are cost-friendly. Well, they are, regardless of the type of brand or the added material either vitreous China, enamel, or porcelain used in its manufacturing; it costs less to purchase a round toilet. A classic two-piece round front toilet can range between $180 to $350, depending on the style and features added to the toilet.

So for a basic washlet, you only need to budget approximately $200.

Extra Features

Speaking of additional features, round toilets too can have a few unique options. These mostly entail flushing technologies. They work best with either of these three;

  • Dual flush – uses both the traditional flushing system and a modern water-saving technology
  • Gravity flush – water is siphoned downwards. It’s quite powerful, but very loud
  • G-max flushing system – uses an extra-wide flush valve and flapper to clear more space for wider water flow. Without any constriction or blockages, the water can now travel faster into the bowl and with more strength. It also utilizes a powerful siphon jet to ensure all the waste will be cleared at once.

As long as the water can pass the siphoned jets, then they can use this bowl. However, the flush won’t be as powerful as the technologies used with an elongated toilet.


Let’s now have a look at some of the advantages associated with the round toilets.

  • They offer greater convenience for small spaces. If you stay in a compact rental unit you probably have a round toilet. This is because its design and dimensions suite to fit small spaces with a smaller footprint.
  • They are a better option for children – kids don’t seek a spot to relax, it’s a go in go out situation. Therefore, the round toilet will bigger enough support all round to avoid a mess while also giving stability and balance to the kids while seated in the toilet seat. Besides, round toilets are better to use when potty training.
  • They are less costly – by design, round toilets are cheaper to manufactured compare to the elongated toilet. The less time and materials used to make them result in cost-friendly prices.


On the losing end, round toilets;

  • Aren’t the best choice for bigger or larger people. This is because the round toilets have a smaller design hence, they can’t offer adequate support for the hips and entire bottom surface area.
  • The limited interior size makes it harder to clean the bowl of the toilet. Unlike the elongated toilet with a wide front, the round toilets have the same radius, which can pose a problem fitting a brush into. Cleaning and maintenance then become a hard task.
  • They have a less forceful/ powerful flush. The kind of water-saving technologies and flushing systems that can be installed in these toilets are generally less performing. This also means you’ll need to clean up after every use.
  • Comfort is not its strong suit. With a smaller seating surface area, its not as pleasurable as to would want it to be.
  • Reduced availability- more and more people are discovering the benefits and advantages of the elongated toilets over round toilets, hence, more brands are focusing on the ready demand, leaving the sales of round toilets to decrease gradually.
  • They are space limited. because of their appearance, you can’t and shouldn’t add a round toilet in a large and accommodative bathroom as it would look awkward. Round toilets are best suited for space-limited units – most especially commercial or public washrooms.
  • Round toilets use more water due to their ineffective flushing systems. This means higher water bills.
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