How to Unclog a Toilet with Dish Soap & Hot Water

If not fixed urgently, clogged bathrooms can cause huge inconveniences that will definitely ruin your day. Using dish soap is one of the easiest, cheapest and readily-available DIY method that can help you unblock your lavatory fast.

Following is how to unclog your toilet using dish soap with hot water at home, best soaps plus tips to keep your bathroom free of clogs.

Steps to unclog the toilet using soap Dish


  • Liquid Dish Soap
  • A pot/bucket, especially one with side handles
  • Plunger (Optional)
  • Hot water
  • Rubber gloves


Begin by soaking the bowl

  • First, read the instructions on the dish soap before applying this method.
  • Put on the rubber gloves to protect your hands from germs.
  • Open the window, door or turn on the fan to create ventilation. Unpleasant fumes may build up in the house, thus it is necessary to take caution. It is also advisable to put on goggles to prevent water splashes that may end up in your eyes.
  • Keep in mind that dish soap should never be combined with other detergents. This will create toxic fumes and result in eye and lung irritation and you may experience wheezing a dizzy feeling and coughs.
  • Find the toilet flapper and restrict the water flowing from the tank. Shut down the valve either using the attached chain or using your hands. You can also stop the water supply by turning it off.
  • Boil a gallon of water. This will be effective in fighting the clog stuck in the bowl. Gently pour the hot water in the bowl, ensuring it never passes the rim. Give the water time to rise to the rim.

Add Dish Soap

  • Pour around 240 g of dish soap in the bowl. The soap will lie at the bottom of the bowl since it is heavier than water. Allow the soap to rest in the bowl for about 25 minutes. The water level should go down during this time.
  • Pour more hot water gently, without letting it overflow. Repeat the process of adding soap and hot water, three times and inspect whether the clog has cleared. Ensure you leave the toilet to rest for 25 minutes before repeating the process.
  • By the first or second attempt your toilet should be unblocked.
  • In case the toilet fails to unclog, let the dish soap rest overnight. In case the problem persists, use a plunger.
  • Plunge the toilet while aiming at the toilet hole, at least five times. In case the clogged material fails to clear, add more dish soap and hot water then continue plunging till all debris clears.

Why Dish Soap is good

  • The water and soap dish combination helps dissolve and break up all matter that causes clogging.
  • Dish soap always wipes out greasy residue, dirt and built-up food effectively
  • It leaves the toilet with fresh scent.
  • Most dish soaps have durable containers that contain pour spouts and a securing cap. This makes cleaning easier.
  • Dish soap kills bacteria, mold, and fungi that cause clogging in toilets.
  • It has an added advantage since it also leaves the toilet spotless. Dish soap will leave your toilet looking brighter and smelling fresh.

Best Dish Soap Brands to use

When looking for dish soap to unclog your toilet, there are some important factors you need to consider such as:

  • How effectively it cuts through grease and chunks of waste
  • How fast it cleans and rinses
  • Whether it leaves behind scents
  • The price
  • Whether it is ecofriendly

Here are a few sample dish soaps that have been analyzed based on the above criteria:

1.     Dawn Dish Soap

This soap is effective in unclogging toilets. According to the International Bird Rescue Research Centre, the soap gets rid of grease on surfaces and never poses harm to bird skin. It lacks phosphates and is biodegradable.

Other companies, such as Merry Maids, strongly recommend the use of this detergent. Start by pouring around 8 ounces of the soap into the toilet and let it do its magic.

2.     Castile Dish Soap

This soap is effective considering that it is made from vegetable oils. It is more neutral as opposed to other dish soaps and is biodegradable.

Begin by cutting the soap into pieces then place it in water. It creates a watery solution, pour the solution into the toilet bowl and let it work for around 30 minutes.

The soap leaves the toilet with fresh scent and is cheaper than other dish soaps.

3.     Dish Liquid

This is a plant-based cleaner that is made from natural products. It lacks any fragrances and dyes and is biodegradable. It is effective in unclogging toilets.

4.     Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap

This dish soap is free from sulfates, natural and ecofriendly.

It lifts grease from toilet surfaces along with a variety of debris that clogs your toilet. It is effective since you will only require a little amount to do a wide load.

5.     Green Naturally-Derived Biodegradable Liquid Dish Soap

It is a green and eco-friendly dish soap that cuts through grease and is sudsy.

It works fast when employed in toilet bowls by breaking down large debris to small pieces. Flush the toilet after applying this product.

6.     Caldrea Liquid Soap

This soap has an amazing scent and cleans toilets effectively. Pour some into the bowl and apply the above procedure to achieve a perfect clean.

7.     32 oz. Liquid Dish Soap

This soap contains a high-end sudsing formulation that cuts through grease and built-up food in toilets.

It contains biodegradable surfactants that decompose and break down naturally, this is an eco-friendly means to unclog your toilet.

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