Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas- Cabinets, Shelves & Racks

Bathroom shelves and cabinets offer convenience and additional storage in your vanity. Unfortunately, for most rental spaces the bathroom doesn’t have extra cabinets to use because space is limited. This is why many opt for over the toilet cabinet, shelves or racks.

The best over the toilet bathroom storage options offer numerous spaces in levels and different heights. Some have drawers, unique framing, adjustable stand heights, foldability, among other cool features. They also come in numerous colors from white, metal black, grey, and more.

If you’re looking to get yourself an over the toilet bathroom cabinet, shelves and racks you’re in the right place. Let’s have a look at ten of the best kinds below.

Zenna Home Over The Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver

The number one spot in terms of affordability goes to Zenna home over the toilet bathroom saver. It comes in three colors with the common one being oil rubbed bronze.

An excellent space saver measuring 64.7 inches high x 23.25 inches wide x 10.25 inches deep, a perfect accessory even for a tiny bathroom.

Zenna Bathroom Over-the-toilet Storage


  • Steel construction – made with sturdy metal, it can withstand heavyweights.
  • Oil rubbed bronze rust-resistant finish – the metal is not directly exposed to moisture and humidity, hence, it’s rust-resistant and safe to use even for storing clothes like towels.
  • Its three sturdy shelves offer space efficiency – Zenna home over the toilet bathroom cabinet has three sturdy shelves that allow for more vertical storage.
  • Contemporary in design – it’s modest-looking with a cross-style design


  • The three flat-lined shelves offer adequate storage for your toiletries and linens.
  • Attractive – the oil bronze finish, cross-style assembly, and rich steel design are great for the bathroom decor.
  • Offers three solid colors.
  • Rust resistant
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fits most if not all vanities by measuring 34 inches off the ground
  • Versatile – it can also be used in other rooms in case it doesn’t fit over the toilet.


  • Only intended for use indoors.
  • It may be a little flimsy
  • The spring in between the metal racks limits you from storing small items that may pass through.

Mind Reader 3TOILR-BLK 3 Tier Organizer, Black Toilet Rack

Very similar to the former choice above by Zenna Home, Mind-Reader bathroom organizer is also made with metal and it is budget friendly.

It also comes in three colors with this specific choice being black. It measures 9.5 inches long, 23.5 inches wide, and 60 inches high.

Mind Reader 3-tier Over-the-Toilet Storage Metal Rack
Mind Reader 3-tier


  • Three-tier shelves – with more vertical storage, this vanity closet offers three lines of storage with different heights to give you more room to store your bathroom essentials.
  • Solid engineered metal make – made with iron, sturdiness is guaranteed with its metal strong make that accommodates medium to heavyweights.
  • Slip-resistant end caps – fitted underneath the shelves, it allows the product to stand stable without slipping or sliding everywhere.
  • Utility design – measured against the height of a standard toilet, it can fit any standard height toilet.


  • The three shelves reduce clutter in the bathroom.
  • Open shelving – not only do you get to easily access your items at eye level, but you also don’t need to hustle with doors and locks, everything is there in the open.
  • Visually appealing – the solid structured metal shelves look decorative and can fit and blend with any other bathroom decor.
  • Fits well with numerous toilets.
  • Versatile in use


  • Assembly is hard as the product doesn’t come with clear instructions.
  • Because of manual assembly, there may be a need to tighten now and then.

UNIWARE 19002B Bathroom Space Saver

Our third best choice for an affordable/cheap over the toilet bathroom space saver is the UNIWARE 19002B.

UNIWARE Bathroom Space Saver
UNIWIRE Bathroom Shelved Storage rack

Very comparable to the two choices above, it has three-tier sturdy shelves and also has a metal construction.

It measures 11 inches long, 23 inches wide, and 65 inches high. However, it’s quite heavy with a weight of approximately 6.5 pounds.


  • Black finish – the black painted finish helps the metal space saver be rust-resistant as water doesn’t come into direct contact with the metal.
  • Stainless steel material – manufactured with pure steel metal for sturdiness and stability.
  • 15 inches metal bar height – it can easily fit a standard and comfort height toilet.


  • An easy fit for most toilets.
  • Offers great storage with three flat shelves.
  • Matches well with the bathroom decor.
  • The steel make offers stability of the product.
  • The shelves can be further fitted in the wall for extra stability.
  • Rust resistant.


  • Hard to assemble  – the product doesn’t come with instructions nor screws to assemble it.
  • The wire spacing doesn’t allow for the storage of small items.
  • Comes in one color – black.
  • May be a little wobbly or flimsy.

Sauder Caraway Etagere, Soft White

The Sauder Caraway Soft White Etagere has much to offer with a couple of bathroom arrangements. Measuring 23.5 inches wide 68.5 inches high, and 7.5 inches deep, this elegantly styled cabinet is the most budget-friendly choice you will find.

Sauder Caraway Etagere Bathroom organizer
Sauder Caraway Etagere


  • A faux slate-finished shelf and beadboard back panel.
  • Adjustable shelf and panel door with an additional translucent insert to offer more additional bathroom slave and less clutter. Located at the right side of the cabinet behind the framed panel door, these adjustable shelves are convenient for use as you won’t need to measure up space.
  • Cubbyhole Storage – this is a firm hidden storage section that allows you to utilize all the space available in the cabinet, for all your needs.
  • Engineered Wood Construction – wood may not be the first choice for many because of the possibility of warping or deteriorating because of moisture. But this vanity is engineered with strong traditional wood that has all the necessary properties to help it wick away moisture.


  • Constructed with engineered wood
  • Elegant white finish with an appealing slate finish accent.
  • Incredible storage space
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Hidden cubbyhole storage


  • The lower storage space is very limited

Zenna Home Cottage – 3 Shelf, White

The Zenna Home Zenith 9107W Country Cottage Etagere Over-the-Toilet Shelving System by Zenith products corporations comes in a flashy white appealing look measuring 24.5 inches wide, 8.8 inches deep, and 68.7 inches high.

Zena home cottage bathroom storage cabinet
Zenna Home Cottage


  • It has two shelves and a cabinet locker for additional and more generous space.
  • A high first shelf that’s seated 30.75 inches off the ground. This will surely fit both standard and comfort height toilet seats.
  • White finish with ceramic door pulls. If you prefer to have a closed storage unit, this cabinet has one shelf hidden behind two ceramic door pulls.
  • Attractive white finish matching door knobs and decorative wainscoting.
  • Deep storage shelves with a depth of 8.6 inches.


  • Beautiful appearance
  • Both open and closed storage spaces
  • Fits over most toilets
  • Creative door pulls


  • Leg extensions don’t apply for this specific unit
  • Poor instructions hence hard assembly

YOKEPO Bathroom Multifunctional Metal Space saver Rack with Hooks, Adjustable Feet

Available in three colors the YOKEPO Over-The-Toilet Storage only has a one-tier shelf measuring 18 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 55 inches high. Very simple in appearance but equipped with many features.

Yokepo Bath storage metal rack


  • High-Quality Steel Frame to effortlessly support your bathroom needs. The shelf has anti-rust steel tubes for longevity and durability.
  • Two mesh panels for adequate space even with a one-tier flat-lined shelf. You can easily add your items and still hang them by the sides
  • Adjustable Screw Rubber Feet – the shelf has four adjustable screw rubber feet that allow you to adjust the height off the ground to your liking. The rubber feet also allow for versatility as they can be used with any type of flooring.
  • Coated Finish – the added coat offers the shelf rust resistance
  • Reinforcement button to keep the storage shelf in balance
  • Antiskid bottom with adjustable height.


  • Simple bug adequate storage space
  • Fits over most standard toilets
  • Rubberized bottom to prevent slip and movement
  • Rust-resistant steel shelves
  • Adjustable feet
  • High quality, sturdy and durable steel frames
  • Easy to assemble


  • It had only one shelf for storage. That’s very limited

Spirich Home Bathroom Shelf -White

The Spirich Home bathroom space saver comes in one color – white, but offers multiple storage spaces both open and closed.

Appealing to look at and resonates well with any bathroom decor, the cabinet measures 223.2 inches wide, 7.87 inches deep, and 68.1 inches high.

spirich bathroom space saver shelf cabinet


  • Made with high-quality wood material – laminated MDF and particleboard perfectly engineered with clean lines and a bead-board back panel.
  • Adjustable shelf with cubbyhole storage.
  • Additional hidden storage capacity.
  • A louver door with two extended shelves suitable for all your bathroom needs. Be it toiletries, medicine, linen, or cosmetics.
  • Modern design – the cabinet has high-quality hinges, wood, and a louver door with an exquisite silver knob.
  • Four open cubbies for open display of your items


  • Soft white finishes for an appealing look.
  • Sturdy wooden make
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Offers open and closed storage spaces with plenty of depth in the cabinet.


  • Very tight fit and may not fit perfectly with your toilet.

White Giantex Bathroom Shelf Storage Wooden Cabinet -Freestanding

Giantex offers this high-end space saver with lots of incredible features, adequate storage, and worth of your money.

GianteX bathroom storage

White in color, it’s light in weight compared to other high-end cabinetry weighing just 29 pounds. It measures 34.3 inches in length, 7.1 inches in width, and 38.6 in height, plus can carry a total capacity of 11 pounds.


  • Made with high quality and sturdy  P2 MDF board for durability and stability.
  • A center cabinet and two side cabinets for additional storage plus a unique design to bathroom vanities. You can easily separate your items as you’d prefer.
  • Has a paper holder design featuring a paper holder, one fixed shelf, and two adjustable shelves behind each side cabinet. This means you can utilize all the storage space available.
  • A pull-down door at the center not only adds storage and convenience but also charm and practicality as you organize all your bathroom needs.
  • Freestanding and perfectly fitting to be used with most standard toilets.
  • Handles for easy opening and closing


  • Easy to clean
  • Wood provides for longevity of the cabinet
  • Sleek in appearance
  • Fits over most standard toilets
  • Handles for easy opening and closing
  • Great for tiny spaces


  • Assembly may be hard

VIPEK Home Bathroom Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet Organizer with Adjustable Shelf

Vipek over the toilet bathroom cabinet has a direct wooden shelf right above the toilet, over which there’s a closed storage space for additional storage.

Also comes with a splendid white finish and compact design measuring 25.98 inches wide, 10 inches deep, and 61 inches high.

VIPEK Over-The-Toilet Storage


  • Intelligently designed space saver with both open and closed storage locations.
  • Made with premium MDF and pine wood that’s not only waterproof that wicks off excess moisture, but also strong to hold up all your bathroom items.
  • Equipped with an adjustable middle shelf behind the door cabinet. You can move it up and down to accommodate your needs.
  • Stainless steel metal handle that’s rust resistant and also durable.
  • Open shelving for fast and easy reach of items.
  • Sturdy Leg Frame – The rectangular leg frame helps make this cabinet stand stably.


  • Modern and elegant design cabinet engineered to suit decor needs in a complementary fashion.
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy assembly with an instructor’s manual and all the tools needed
  • Durable
  • 35 inches off the ground to suit any standard toilet.


  • Has one color – soft white
  • May be a little flimsy
  • A lot of work during assembly

YAHEETECH Over The Toilet Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf

Last, but not least, YAHEETECH over the toilet cabinetry comes in two colors. Has a medium weight of about 35 pounds and measures 23.23 inches long, 7.4 inches wide, and 68.9 inches deep.

Yaheetech Bathroom cabinet


  • Sturdy construction – the wall unit is engineered with P2 MDF panels all over the structure for stability and overall durability of the product. It has a weight capacity of 14 pounds for the fixed shelves and 11 pounds for the adjustable shelf. The bottom shelf can carry all the weight up to an outstanding 22 pounds.
  • Adjustable shelves – the cabinetry has two middle cubic shelves that are movable so you can rearrange them as you see fit. The adjustable heights are three;  26cm, 20.2cm, and 13.7cm.
  • All-inclusive storage featuring open shelves at the top, an open cubic shelf at the middle, and an even more spacious faux marble shelf at the bottom.
  • Functional design elements – pinstripe etched glass door, faux marble coated bottom shelf, and the curving lines on the top.
  • The bathroom has a modern look that can fit any decor style from classic to contemporary. The cabinet has modern patterns, clean lines, faux marble grains, metal, and glass elements plus a water-resistant finish for a more polished look.
  • Ease of assembly – the cabinet has set clear guidelines and a well-illustrated user’s guide with fasteners like cam locks and a screwdriver to fix everything together fast.
  • High-strength tempered glass
  • Sleek metal knobs
  • Quality metal hinges
  • Magnetic door catches


  • Strong wooden cabinet
  • Elegant finishes
  • Quick and easy access to storage
  • Choice of open and closed shelving
  • Incredible features for smooth opening, closing, and functionality of the cabinet.
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Hard to assemble

Buying Guide

To make the right informed decision, you must have the right knowledge. Below are features you should look for when aiming to get your money’s worth with this purchase.


There’s no point buying an item that keeps wobbling and squeaking all day. A slight move and it’s moving left and right.

The first thing you should look at for in your cabinetry is the make of the product. If it’s metal, is it sturdy enough to last you many years to come?

Consider if it’s rust-resistant as this may affect its lifespan. The bathroom is a wet spot, a lot of humidity and moisture around, rusting will not only cause the metal shelves to look unappealing but will also affect its sturdiness.

The most prevalent choices for cabinetry are wood, MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard), metal, and thermofoil.

For all these choices, ensure there are other measures put in place to elongate its lifespan such as a seal on the wood to avoid rotting.

You can also inquire if it’s lacquered. Lastly, settle for a product with at least a two-year guarantee. Luckily, there are those with even a 10-year guarantee.


The cabinet used in the bathroom is majorly for storage, therefore its size has to align with the weight capacity. It’s no lie that some of you but the shelves for aesthetic appeal, but the size and weight matters.

When shopping for such a product, always be aware of the measurements. You don’t want to go return or shipping back an item because it doesn’t fit in your bathroom.

The right dimensions should be measured by height vs width vs depth. The over the toilet bathroom cabinet should be taller than your toilet’s tank height.

Always check the ‘Dimensions and Specifications’ tab of the product before purchasing. Also, check on the weight capacity to ensure it can carry all the items you want to store on the shelves.

Be it linen, toiletries, greenery, or more. Estimate the weight and inquire about that before purchase.

Lastly, ensure the cabinet isn’t bulky. The toilet/ bathroom should be sufficiently ventilated so ensure the cabinet isn’t cutting off access to sunlight and free flow of air by being too bulky.

Cool Features

Did you know that some shelves and cabinets have additional features such as a tissue holder, foldability, adjustable shelves, lockable shelves, and even additional screws to pin the shelf on the wall?

You don’t have to settle for simplicity when you can get a space saver and more convenience with additional features.

Ask many questions like what’s in the package, how something is used, what more the product offers, and settle for what suits you best.

Ease of Installation

From the first product, you noticed that there are several of these cabinets and shelves that can be manually assembled and installed in the bathroom, while others can be more complex to install.

Choose shelves or cabinetry that will be easy to assemble and even adjust. Always ask if there are manual instructions and the necessary tools attached to the package.

You shouldn’t have to drive to hardware to pick new screws or call in someone to help you assemble the product.


There are all kinds of designs available. From the cross style seen in the Zenna Home space saver to open shelving, doors and no doors, glass and mirror doors, additional shelving designs, and more. All these options are available in the market.

Depending on your bathroom decor needs, select cabinetry that blends well with your design. That could also mean colors ranging from bronze, white, and black.

East of Cleaning and Maintenance

The bathroom is a wet area, hence, cleanup is advised to keep off mold and mildew, and other dirt that may get stuck over time. Depending on the material of the shelves, you will probably need to clean as often or as little as possible.

Metal shelves are very easy to clean. A quick wipe using a damp towel and all is fresh and ready for use again. Cabinets require more cleaning inside the spaces as they’re closed, unlike open shelving. What’s more, they can easily accumulate dust hence, maintenance is essential.

Storage Space

As mentioned before, the major purpose of having shelves and cabinets in the bathroom is to offer storage space.

Therefore, when you go to purchase one, ensure it holds up all the things you need to be kept in the bathroom. Be it your everyday linen, cosmetics like makeup, toiletries, among others.

A spacious bathroom cabinet will keep you organized and clutter-free. Always go for one that offers 25% more storage space than you need. You want to over pile your shelf in the name of storage.

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Last, but not least, the cost of purchase. The main reason why the review above was divided into three sections: cheap, budget-friendly, and the high end is because we don’t all have the same pocket reach.

And even though one is willing to spend a huge deal on this product, it’s always best to get your money’s worth.

Know what features you want and bargain to have them included. Ensure your investment is worthwhile.

More Over Toilet Bathroom Storage Ides

The following are more storage ideas including DIY options

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